The business PAVIMENTACIONES MORALES, S.L. was founded by Isabel Carreno laguna in 1972. Originally, the company centred its activities on the fabrication and the laying of agglomerated cold asphalt applying it on surfaces of a smaller magnitude ( access drives, car parks and athletic courts, etc ) and its works were realised for private clients.

In 1994, the constitution of the company was developed, in the presence of the growth of clients and sales. This grew with the transfer of rights and obligations that finished in 1997, the year in which Isabel Carreno Laguna disappeared.

Nowadays, the company has its own dry quarry, it participates in business dealing with the fabrication of hot bituminous mixes, through the company Asfaltos Bayasa, S.A., the movement and transportation of land, through the company Transxauen S.A. and the fabrication of concrete traverse beams for railroads, through the company Antrasa, S.A. Furthermore its portfolio includes work with the businesses Duasa & Grupo Gea 21.

Currently, the company's works are based in the construction, the maintenance, the integral conservation and rehabilitation of roads hydraulic works ( the canalisation of potable water, plumbing networks, sewage treatment plants, tanks and channelling ), waste dumps and rubbish plants, ( sealing and water proofing ), geotechnical works and the improvement of land ( drainage, wells, geotechnical works, improvement of banks, horizontal boring ) housing developments, athletic courts, railroad works, etc., with a sales volume around 20,000,000 euros.

 This business counts on a large equipment fleet, specifically for the construction of civil works. Its staff, of more than 40 people, is composed of specialised, technical and licenced engineers, economists and other personnel.

Pavimentaciones Morales, S.L. has been recognised on numerous occasions for the quality of its products and for the general result of its undertakings. The main challenge of this company is consolidating this recognition and making sure that in the future the satisfaction of the client is extended to all fields of the company's work and that it is compatible with other disciplines.


Also, Pavimentaciones Morales, S.L. is a member of TRANSXAUEN, S.A., with its headquarters in Jaen, and which is dedicated to the transportation of all types of materials from those dealing with civil works to those used for roadworks. This business possesses an important fleet of 13 dumper trucks which allows for the rapid and efficient sub-contracting of any type of transportation. This company has accreditation as a transportation agency.
Pavimentaciones Morales, S.L. is a founding member of the business ASFALTOS BAYASA S.A., whose objective is the fabrication of bituminous mixes, situated in the municipality of Baeza, Ubeda road – jimena, km 10.5. PUENTE MAZUECOS. This plant has an average cold asphalt production rate of 260tonnes per hour.


Pavimentaciones Morales credits its working capacity to work as a team through the implementation of projects UTEs with other companies. The efforts of these workers has enabled them to undertake work with greater possibilities and outcomes and a strong guarantee of quality work.
Partnerships in which we participate or we have participated are:

  • UTE FERIAL, for the expansion of the urbanization of the exhibition centre in Jaen.
  • UTE TUCCITANA DE CONTRATAS – PAV. MORALES, repair of the access slip road to the town of Sabiote.
  • MARTINON, UTE. UTE purpose was designed for the urbanisation of the industrial center The Carolina Martinon Polígono Industrial.
  • UTE ELSAMEX – PAVIMENTACIONES MORALES, whose objective was the maintenance of the motorways A-44, PPKK 0 to 59.
  • VARIANTE DE LINARES UTE, for the construction of the A-312 pass to Linares.
  • DESDOBLAMIENTO MARTOS UTE. This work consisted of the duplication of the motorway A-316 with the motorway conversion.
  • UTE CONDUCCIÓN QUIEBRAJANO, for the implementation of channelling an iron pipe system in Quiebrajano – Víboras.
  • TORREDELCAMPO UTE, For the urbanisation of the P.I. Los Llanos.
  • TRANVIA JAEN UTE. This joint venture had as its objective the construction of Jaén´s tram system and the urbanization of road accessories
  • UTE TRAVESIA DE MARTOS, for the development of a Martos sidestreet in the J-313.
  • UTE TRAVESIA DE MARTOS J-221, for the development of a Martos sidestreet in the J-221.
  • UTE LA CERRADURA. This job consisted in the rehabilitation of the roadway A-44 between PPKK 40+000 and 60+000.
  • UTE PASEO DE LINAREJOS, for the development of Paseo de Linarejos in Linares.
  • UTE POZO ALCÓN. This work consists of the construction of a road that unites the Pozo Alcón and Fontanar municipalities.
  • UTE CAMINO DE LA TORTILLA, for the repair of the Camino de la Tortilla in Linares.

In all these groups, Paving Morales has participated in the management and execution of the work, providing technical, administrative and field personnel, and materials and machinery.



Pavimentaciones Morales has diversified its customer base, incorporating administrations, public and private clients.

We work with the central government (Ministry of Development, Ministry of Environment), regional government (Department of Public Works and Housing, Public. Works Agency of Andalusia, Ministry of Environment, Environment and Water Agency, Andalusian Water Agency, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education), provincial government (Jaén Provincial Council, Granada Provincial Council, Cordoba Provincial Council, Sevilla Provincial Council) and local (other municipalities).

Among other Andalusian and national public companies, we have worked for:

  • Empresa de Gestión Medioambiental, S.A.
  • Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A.
  • S.A. Andalusian public entity infrastructure and educational services.

Among private clients, Pavimentaciones Morales S.L. has specialized in work for, Compensation Boards, Administrative Associations of Cooperation, private schools, big builders, owners, etc..

The central offices are located at Ronda de los Olivares number 81 Jaen. In these you can find:
    • Company's address
    • Technical office
    • Administration department
    • Accounting department
    • Topographical department
    • Logistical department
    • Research department
    • Production department
    • Material control laboratory
The dry quarry named “LA MILAGROSA II”, dedicated to the extraction of dolomitic limestone, situated in the spot known as Riez, located in the municipality of Mancha Real (Jaen).

Storage – workshop, for the storage of machinery and materials and with a bridge crane of 5 + 5tn and an inspection pit, dressing rooms for personnel, a training room and car park.

Warehouse – storage, the storage of diverse materials and the parking of machinery. Situated in the industrial park of Los Olivares, c/villatorres, parcela 35.

Cold asphalt mixture plant situated in La Imora, Municipality de Jaen.
Construction and conservation of the motorways, hydraulic urbanisation works, environmental treatment works, complimentary sports works (courts)