In PAVIMENTACIONES MORALES, S.L., we have always valued our work through the public recognition of the client. Now we intend to go one step further and specify our success in the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers.

To achieve this goal, we have tried to resize the company, decentralizing responsibilities, so that all employees are involved in our commitment to defense of quality and prevention of pollution, from the peon to the Director General.

The top management of the company is committed to signing this document to comply and monitor that both this Policy and the established requirements are met, and ensure that the system of Management of Quality and the Environment is improving continuously. For this, It has tools that allow a periodic evaluation of the system.

The development of this declaration is specified in the following commitments:

PAVIMENTACIONES MORALES, S.L. is aware that its customers are the first objective to that the quality effort of the company and its services should be directed. Therefore, commits to put all means at their disposal to guarantee that their expectations, as well as as the perception that our organization has, they know each other and try to overcome, in order to get your satisfaction and reach a balance for both parties. For this the company will periodically review its strategy and compliance with the objectives, which be measurable and consistent with this Quality and Environment Policy.

• Determine and provide the necessary resources, both material and human, with the object of implementing and maintaining the Quality and Environment System, improving continuously its effectiveness and prevent pollution.

• Establish the necessary channels to guarantee communication, awareness and training in terms of quality and environment of the company's personnel.

• Ensure compliance with all legal, regulatory and other requirements type they subscribe that affect the scope of the system, as well as current legislation in Safety and Health and the Environment, especially with regard to emissions to the atmosphere and waste management.

To carry out this Quality and Environment Policy, PAVIMENTACIONES MORALES, S.L. Commits to meet the requirements of international standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 that are applicable to it. The direction of the organization personally assumes the commitments expressed herein and undertakes to ensure that said policy is known, understood and applied by all the people who are part of the organization, as well as relevant stakeholders.

Construction and conservation of the motorways, hydraulic urbanisation works, environmental treatment works, complimentary sports works (courts)