In PAVIMENTACIONES MORALES, S.L., we have always valued our work through public recognition of the client. Now we intend to go one step further and realize our success in the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers.

To achieve this goal, we have tried to resize the business, by decentralising responsibilities, so that all employees are involved in our commitment to safeguarding quality and preventing pollution, from the pawn to the Director General.

Senior management of the company, with the signing of this document, pledges its commitment to meet and monitor compliance with this policy and ensure that this system of Quality and Environmental Management continuously improves. To do this, we have tools that allow periodic evaluations of the system.

The development of this declaration can be found in various documents:

  • Several annual objectives of environment and quality have been defined, and these will need regular monitoring
  • The Quality and Environmental Manual contains general provisions about how PAVIMENTACIONES MORALES, SL manages its quality and environmental system, and that will be rigorously respected.
  • There are also other (procedures) that further detail all the processes of the organization, including those provisions to minimize the environmental impacts of company operations.

Finally, this company intends to ensure compliance with all legal requirements, whether they be regulatory or otherwise, which have been signed and affect the bituminous asphalt paving mixtures (cold and hot), gravel asphalt irrigation, gravel, stabilized soil (on site and in other granular foundations), materials treated with cement concrete pavements, bituminous grout, pipeclay, precast concrete and flooring in children's areas, implementation of embankments and the current legislation regarding Health, Safety and Environment, especially that which refers to air emissions and waste management.


Construction and conservation of the motorways, hydraulic urbanisation works, environmental treatment works, complimentary sports works (courts)